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Water Quality Monitoring

Tampa Bay Waterkeeper Andrew Hayslip samples water quality in his previous role as Watauga Riverkeeper.

Tampa Bay Waterkeeper will conduct regular water quality sampling throughout the watershed. The results of this consistent monitoring will serve as the legal and scientific backbone of any Clean Water Act challenges, and it will also serve to educate the public about various issues affecting water quality.

The data we collect will allow us to track and pinpoint sources of pollution, so we can notify the public of any potential health risks. We’ll also use this data to protect our right to clean water and hold polluters accountable using scientifically sound methods and data.

Swim Guide

Swim Guide is a website and smartphone app for iPhone and Android that provides current water quality information for beaches and recreational hotspots throughout Tampa Bay.

Swim Guide provides up-to-date information on the safety of local rivers, canals, bayous, and bays for activities like swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and sailing. We’ll collect samples throughout the year to analyze for the amount of bacteria in the water, releasing results through the app so you can dive in with confidence wherever your adventure takes you.

Monitoring and Patrol

Tampa Bay Waterkeeper Andrew Hayslip removes a massive piece of guardrail from the river in his previous role as Watauga Riverkeeper.

When Tampa Bay Waterkeeper finds an illegal discharger of pollution, no matter the method or the source, we’ll use hard, science-backed data to enforce environmental laws and hold polluters accountable.

Tampa Bay Waterkeeper patrols and monitors waterways throughout the watershed, and responds to citizen complaints and reports of pollution. Our investigative work can help determine sources of pollution that would otherwise go unidentified, particularly in a large watershed where existing industry and government resources are stretched too thin to adequately monitor water quality in certain areas.

Outreach, Education, and Celebration

A committed and engaged community is essential to truly protecting and improving the health of the Tampa Bay watershed. Tampa Bay Waterkeeper works to inspire people of all ages to understand the threats facing the bay, what we’re doing to protect our bay, and how the community can join in that effort. As part of our work, we educate school groups, summer camps, community groups, and others through presentations and hands-on activities in the field.

It’s not simply enough to educate people about the importance clean water. It’s important that we all enjoy and celebrate Tampa Bay, too. American author and environmental advocate Edward Abbey said it well: “It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it.”

Email us if you’d like a Tampa Bay Waterkeeper representative to speak to your group.

We can also help you host a Party with a Purpose. Get your friends together to celebrate the bay and support your Tampa Bay Waterkeeper! Please email us if you’re interested in hosting a Party with a Purpose!